Nick van Dam

"My passion is to unlock the potential of students through innovation and the advancement of learning and leadership development practices"

Professor van Dam is an internationally recognized thought leader, adviser, researcher, author, and speaker on learning innovations and leadership development. He is Chief of the IE University Center for Learning Innovation, serves on the University Advisory Board and is professor in Learning, Talent and Leadership Development.

Nick has written articles for various publications and has been quoted by Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine or Business Week, among others. He has also authored and coauthored more than 25 books and numerous articles on innovations in learning and leadership development.

He is the founder of the e-Learning for Kids Foundation, which has provided digital lessons for more than 20 million underprivileged elementary school children.

If you look at all the studies on happiness, there are three things that make people happy, one relates to people continuing to grow in their lives. Another relates to people having social relationships: spending time with friends, family, colleagues. The third is about having meaning and purpose in one’s life. If you think about it, learning plays a role in all of that.

Advancing Authentic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility

Dr. Nick van Dam and Dr. Jacqueline Brassey, Adjunct Professor at IE University, coauthor this book which reflects the importance of developing self-confidence to perform well and improve employability, especially in the digital age.

Principally aimed at managers, entrepreneurs and academics looking to improve their performance, the book will also help anybody seeking to develop ‘authentic confidence’. A lack of self-confidence, say the authors, impairs job performance and limits professional success.

Elevating Learning and Development

An organization’s capacity to enhance the capabilities of its workforce and create a culture of continuous learning are vital to remaining competitive. These trends make an effective learning and development (L&D) function more critical than ever.

This compendium of articles, from L&D professionals at McKinsey & Company, discusses every facet of professional development and training—from ensuring that L&D’s efforts are closely aligned with business strategy to elements of advancing the L&D function, executing flawlessly, and measuring impact.

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