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Once again, amazed by this outstanding human being - Bill Gates. In his book he calls for a green industrial revolution, to stop climate change, and protect vulnerable communities. The book thoroughly explains the complexity of the challenges our world is facing

Suggested by Isabela del Alcázar. Global Head of Sustainability, IE University

Worth reading because a) most people do not think “fashion” when discussing polluting sectors and this is a good book to understand the tremendous impact our clothing, and particularly fast-fashion, has on the world AND b) my wife works in fashion and told me to read it

Suggested by Norman Kurtis. Dean of Programs, IE Business School

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
Editor: Penguin Publishing Group
Autores: Cline, Elizabeth L.
16.99 €
Harvard professor and moral philosopher Michael Sandel brings, in his words, “moral clarity to the alternatives we confront as democratic citizens”. With his simple yet deep style, he helps us navigate the complexities of our current societal and political dilemmas and the conflicting values present in our lives

Suggested by Begoña González-Cuesta. Dean of Education & Academic Experiences, IE Business School

Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? (English Edition)
Editor: Penguin
Autores: Sandel, Michael J.
9.49 €
It is about city making under a stresful natural environment: snow, rain, heat, storms, at the time of the Wolrd´s Columbian Exhibition in 1893, at a time when architects such as Daniel Hudson Burnham, who was the fair´s director, and the builder of many of the USA´s main structures, had a lot of responsibility in city making. Reading the book helps us understand our fragility in the face of the climate crisis

Suggested by Cristina Mateo. Associate Dean, IE School of Architecture and Design

Este libro supuso una revolución del paradigma conceptual del desarrollo humano, superando el enfoque economicista y puramente cuantitativo, y definiéndolo como la libertad de las personas y su capacidad para poder alcanzar los fines que se proponen en la vida. A partir de este libro, se cambió la manera de medir el desarrollo y se expandió sustancialmente la dimensión social de la sostenibilidad

Suggested by Jaime de Aguinaga. Vice Provost for Strategy & Development, IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Development as Freedom
Editor: OUP Oxford
Autores: Sen, Amartya
13.42 €
This text shows how Nobel Prize Elinor Ostrom proposes to solve one of the biggest problems of our times: the fact that, while it is in the interest of society as a whole to achieve sustainable development, individual incentives tend to act in the opposite direction

Suggested by Raymond Torres, Professor of Sustainable Development

Patterns of Commoning
Editor: Levellers Press
33.72 €
A beautiful book, written by Satish Kumar, founder of Schumacher College (Innovative Learning for Ecological and Social Change), where he presents the new trinity for our age of sustainability

Suggested by Max Oliva, Social Innovation, Deputy Director and Professor

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Technology allows us to measure and calculate the impact that companies create, through their value chain on our world and on society.
All of us, consumers, employees, entrepreneurs, investors and governments, have the right to know about this impact.
Impact transparency is the new human right, that allows us to be active parts of a more sustainable future.
Drawing on the rich inspiration of both philosophy and science, The Happiness Hypothesis is a remarkable, original and provocative book - ancient wisdom in our time

Suggested by Soledad Llorente, Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sustainability has emerged as a global priority over the past several years. This timely new book offers fresh thinking and forward-looking solutions from environmental thought leaders across the political spectrum

Suggested by Gayle Allard, Professor of Economic Environment

More Readings on Sustainability

Thinking in Systems: International Bestseller
Editor: Chelsea Green Publishing
Autores: Meadows, Donella
16.3 €
Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist
17.04 €
Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
Editor: PublicAffairs
Autores: Henderson, Rebecca
16.63 €
Fashion industry 2030. Reshaping the future through sustainability and responsible innovation
Editor: Bocconi University Press
Autores: Rinaldi, Francesca Romana
29 €
Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty
Editor: PublicAffairs,U.S.
Autores: Banerjee, Abhijit y Duflo, Esther
19.93 €
SAVING 0.68 €
The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
Editor: Princeton University Press
Autores: Deaton, Angus
16.57 €
On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo
Editor: Polity Press
Autores: Bauman, Zygmunt y Mazzeo, Riccardo
18.17 €

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Klaus Schwab
Editor: Penguin Books
Autores: Schwab, Klaus
16.75 €
Corporate Social Responsibility: Perspectives for Sustainable Corporate Governance
Editor: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Autores: Malecki, Catherine
202.23 €
SAVING 42.34 €
Making cities smarter: Designing Interactive Urban Applications
36 €
SAVING 13.08 €
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
Editor: Project for Public Spaces, INC
Autores: Whyte, William H
40.24 €
SAVING 3.72 €


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