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Mario Alonso Puig


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Mario Alonso Puig was named member of the Leadership Council of the World Economic Forum (Davos) in 2011 and he has been invited to speak about leadership, motivation, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and happiness in institutions such as the IE Business School in Madrid, the INSEAD in Paris, the Pitagoras University in Brazil, the CEIBS University in Shanghai, the European Chamber of Commerce in China, the IGMP of Korea, the GLOBIS University of Tokyo and the Ciudad de las Ideas in Mexico.

He has also lectured on conferences such as “El ser creativo”, the II International Conference on Happiness, the ExpoManagement and the World Creativity and Innovation Forum.

In 2012, he received an award for Best Health Communicator from ASEDEF and, currently, he participates in several TV and radio programs such as El Hormiguero, Canal 24h, El Confidencial and La Mañana con Javi Nieves on the COPE network.

We react according to a number of automatisms that we have established. We think that spontaneity is a value, but for it to exist, we need preparation first, if not, we only have automatisms. I am increasingly convinced of the power that comes from training our mind.

El camino del despertar

Written in Spanish

Muchas veces anhelamos experimentar un mayor nivel de salud, prosperidad y felicidad y, sin embargo, somos de alguna manera conscientes de que, a menos que cambiemos algo muy profundo en nuestra forma de ser, no vamos a poder alcanzar semejante meta. En El camino del despertar, el doctor Mario Alonso Puig nos propone embarcarnos en un proceso de transformación que nos permita superar esas limitaciones físicas, mentales y anímicas que, operando desde dimensiones ocultas de nuestra mente, no nos están permitiendo vivir en plenitud.

Para lograr esto, se vale de la metáfora del Camino del Héroe y de las implicaciones que tiene en nuestra forma de relacionarnos con los desafíos a los que nos enfrentamos. Conectando dicho Camino con algunos de los descubrimientos más fascinantes que se han hecho acerca del funcionamiento del cerebro, de la naturaleza de la realidad y de la manera en la que nuestra mente determina lo que percibimos, El camino del despertar nos proporciona la inspiración y la estrategia necesarias para que podamos vivir de acuerdo a nuestras verdaderas posibilidades.

Un libro inspirador, un viaje de descubrimiento y transformación. Una obra decisiva para convertirnos en la persona que siempre anhelamos ser y que potencialmente ya somos.

Resetea tu mente

Reset your Mind
Written in Spanish

Discover what you are capable of.

All of us face challenges, which we can turn into extraordinary opportunities for learning and personal growth if we meet them in a calm, enthusiastic and confident way. We can all be the sculptors of our brain!

In Reset Your Mind, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig reveals to us surprising and little known aspects of the fascinating relationship between the brain and the mind. If we want to increase our self-esteem and enhance abilities such as intelligence, memory, intuition, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship, we need to know how to awaken our vast dormant potential.

In these pages, the prestigious author explains the paths used by the brain and mind to create the reality in which we live. If we wish to enjoy a higher level of well-being, prosperity and happiness, we need to know how to influence those processes that have a decisive impact on the way we perceive, think, feel and act.

Resetea tu mente

Tus Tres Superpoderes

Your Three Superpowers
Written in Spanish

The incredible experience of a trip to Bhutan, the country with the highest happiness index, is the premise of the new book by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig. A tour through the most important concepts to achieve the longed-for happiness as well as health and wellbeing in general. The reader will discover amazing stories and anecdotes of the inhabitants from this fascinating country.

Happiness is within everyone’s reach, but we must work and raise awareness to achieve it and enjoy it.

¡Tómate un Respiro!

Take a Break!
Written in Spanish

Mario Alonso Puig is an institution in the self-help sector. His new book immerses us in the mindfulness world.

Underneath a solid scientific base, he speaks about possibilities, opportunities and proposals, not about beliefs or dogmas. “We must pay attention to see things as they are.”

The mindfulness practice makes us realize how our mental projections modify our perception of reality. Mindfulness can help us improve our health, fight stress, anxiety, depression and boost our creativity. It is the capability of being fully present.

Other books from the author

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