European Tech Insight 2020

Written in English


Carlos Lastra-Anadón, Diego Rubio

Date published
June 2020

IE Center for the Governance of Change

This report delves deep into the future that European citizens want, such as the future of work and automation, the growth and regulation of technological companies, the gig economy, global supply chains or the climate. This includes understanding particularly what they do not want, how they differentiate between the effect that change will have on them versus on their country. It also probes inconsistencies between what they say they want and how they act.

Moreover, as the first surveys were done before the pandemic, the report has been updated with a re-run of key questions plus additional ones on four of the hardest-hit countries on how the pandemic has changed the citizens’ attitudes and they are becoming more willing to make concessions in terms of privacy and freedom of movement.

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