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Authors: Rocío Bonet, Marco Minervini & Ignacio Pardillo

Este primer informe publicado por la Cátedra DKV-IE, analiza el impacto que el teletrabajo tiene en el bienestar de los managers y los factores que afectan a dicho impacto.

Uno de los hallazgos más destacados de este estudio, basado en una encuesta realizada a 415 managers de equipos en España, todos ellos de sectores diversos y con trabajos susceptibles de ser realizados en remoto, es que el 25 % de los managers renuncia a algunos de los días de teletrabajo ofrecidos por la empresa, pese a que desearían teletrabajar más.


Authors: Custodia Cabanas, Patricia Gabaldón & Kostantina Valogianni

Este informe realizado conjuntamente por la Fundación IE y la Fundación Cepsa propone la transición energética como uno de los desafíos más importantes a los que se enfrenta la sociedad actual. Para asegurar su éxito, la transición energética debería favorecer la igualdad de género, es decir, debería garantizar, entre otros parámetros, una distribución equitativa de las oportunidades laborales entre hombres y mujeres. Por otra parte, también debería incorporar a las generaciones más jóvenes ya que sus prioridades y preocupaciones marcarán la agenda política, económica y social en las próximas décadas.


Authors: Concepción Galdón, Celia de Anca, Eugenia Gutierrez

Este cuarto informe elaborado por el Observatorio de Demografía y Diversidad Generacional de Fundación IE, representa un trabajo de investigación aplicada que se propone contribuir a la agenda de iniciativas necesarias para la gestión del aumento de la población senior en las organizaciones y las nuevas realidades intergeneracionales.

Su coproducción ha sido una labor conjunta del Observatorio de Demografía y Diversidad Generacional de Fundación IE con la colaboración del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), BID Lab, MAPFRE, Plan Mayor y Fundación SERES. Las organizaciones impulsoras se proponen promover, a través de la generación de conocimiento, el debate social sobre las implicaciones de la transición demográfica para los actores sociales, entre los que destacan las empresas, y la necesidad de fomentar la colaboración entre generaciones como estrategia de creación de valor económico y social.


Third edition

Authors: Concepción Galdón, Poliana Muñoz, Eugenia Gutierrez

Digital Transformation for Inclusive Business Development is a project supported by J.P. Morgan and Madrid City Council, in collaboration with Orange, and delivered by IE Foundation.

Through the third edition of this project, 201 small business owners (SBOs) in Madrid, struggling to keep their businesses open due to the crisis brought about by the pandemic, are developing the capacity to implement e-commerce and online marketing strategies. Delivered in a remote format, which proved successful in the second iteration, the project is designed to accelerate the ability of the beneficiaries to generate additional revenues by leveraging online channels.



Authors: Patricia Gabaldón, Marie-José Garot, Joaquín Garralda y Ruiz de Velasco, Katharina Miller

Prepared by a superb team of researchers from IE – Elecnor Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures and IE Foundation, this study reflects the barriers, challenges, opportunities and best practices identified during the analysis of the reality of each of the countries examined and sets out the lessons learned, so that they can be applied in Latin America as well as in other parts of the world.


Authors: Carlos Mas Ivars & Tecla Keller

IE Center for Families in Business and BBVA Global Wealth develop a study that analyzes the nine “moments of truth”, in which families in business must take decisions to reinforce their strategy. Through this report, both centers strengthen the strategic counselling of families in business from Spain, Switzerland and Latin America.



Authors: Tecla Keller, Reinhard Kreth, María Alvarado & María Eizaguirre

The IE C-Centricity Monitor is an initiative to advance and leverage knowledge in the field of C-Centricity, meaning Customer, Consumer, and Citizen Centricity. It is based on a quantitative survey of a wide range of international and multi-sectorial companies, supplemented by in-depth interviews.

The IE C-Centricity Monitor generates and shares a unique and objective vision of the state of C-Centricity in the business world – its implementation profile, the challenges it faces, and its evolution over time – through systematic measurement. The study leverages our comprehensive, cross-functional understanding of C-Centricity, based on the IE C-Centricity Net, and our academic research on the C-Centricity Model, which it also fuels with relevant empirical data.



Authors: Alicia Segovia, Carmen Sánchez and Juan Barios. Coordinator: Julio Gómez-Pomar

In this report, the role played by the concession model in public service provision is analyzed in detail. The most important conclusion is that, despite all concessions’ advantages, it is hardly ever used in Spain. While the reasons may vary widely, the result is that chances to improve our infrastructure and provide better services are being lost, while our companies are successfully participating in and executing these contracts abroad.


Authors: Cambridge Judge Business School, HEC Paris, IE Business School, IESE Business School, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), INSEAD, London Business School, and Saïd Business School (University of Oxford).

Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BS4CL) is a substantive collaboration of eight founding leading European business schools, joining together to help business leaders combat the climate crisis facing the planet.

BS4CL represents, therefore, the beginnings of collective action across business schools starting with the founding members in order to incite, support, and mobilize as many stakeholders as possible to protect humanity.


Authors: Enrique Dans and Gildo Seisdedos

In this report, Enrique Dans and Gildo Seisdedos offer a detailed analysis of the new alternatives to the traditional ways of mobility, i.e., sustainable micromobility. As the number of people that live in cities rises, the dangers of contamination keep increasing. In order to develop sustainable alternatives, private and public sector must join forces and offer citizens a type of mobility that allows them to move in a fast, safe and sustainable manner.



Authors: Marie-José Garot, Joaquín Garralda Ruíz de Velasco, Katharina Miller, Antti Tenhiälä.

Carried out by a multidisciplinary team and experts in law, compliance, sustainability and operations analysis from IE University, this study is unique for its scientific rigor and original approach. It is based on robust psychometric and statistical methodologies that identify the main “determinants” of the culture of compliance and sustainability in Spanish SMEs – a concept that is especially difficult to capture and measure.


Second edition

Authors: Concepción Galdón, Aloña Martiarena. Johanna Andrango

Digital Transformation for Inclusive Business Development is a project supported by J.P. Morgan and delivered by the IE Foundation, the foundation of IE University, which has extensive experience in remote training, in collaboration with the City of Madrid and Orange. Through this project, small business owners (SBOs) in Madrid that are struggling to keep their businesses open due to the pandemic have developed their capacity to implement e-commerce and online marketing strategies. Delivered remotely, the project accelerated the beneficiaries’ ability to generate additional revenues by leveraging online channels. This project capitalizes on all the learning from the pilot project IE Foundation implemented in 2018-19 thanks to support by J.P. Morgan.


An Innovation Opportunity for Business and Society

Authors: Concepción Galdón, Rafael Puyol, Terry Huang, Laura MacDermott, Bárbara Rey  Actis

Demographic transformation implies a socio-cultural change that affects companies in their relationship with employees, customers, and the conceptualization of their products. This report proposes an approach to this phenomenon from the perspective of intergenerationality.

Smart Citizens

Toward a New Social Contract in the Age of AI

Authors: IE Law School

One particularly clear issue that arises from the widespread use of algorithms is a lack of awareness. The main purpose of this study is to set the guidelines for legislators to create a new and global context which facilitates to rule the emerging technologies.

To help someone who has experienced a toxic relationship or sexual violence

Purple Useful Information

Authors: IE University

Guide on how to help someone who has experienced or is experiencing a traumatic relationship.

El centro Botín: Desarrollo de la creatividad social a través de las artes

Resumen ejecutivo

Authors: Patricia Gabaldón, Laura Zimmerman

Center: IE Foundation

This report addresses how the artistic and cultural activities at the Botín Center is closely related to changes in the creativity and with the creation of personal and social benefits.

El golf como catalizador de la actividad económica en España

Author: Juan Santaló

Center: IE University

The main purpose of this study is to estimate the importance of the golf sector in the Spanish economy and it gives a number: 4,640 EUR millions.

Competing for order

Confronting the long crisis of multilateralism

Authors: Bruce Jones, Susana Malcorra

Center: IE School of Global & Public Affairs

This paper is designed to help governments in the process of answering this question: can the multilateral order be revamped in the face of mounting geopolitical tension, divisions over globalization, and rapid technological change?

Perfiles de filantropía personal en España

Authors: Cristina Cruz, Rachida Justo

Center: IE Center for Families in Business

This report aims to bring the figure of the philanthropist closer to the general public and to place value on their efforts.

Senior Citizens Working in European Companies

Authors: Rafael Puyol, Íñigo Sagardoy, Gisella Alvarado, Alfonso Jiménez, Beatriz Ardid, Elena Orden, Cristina Morillo-Velarde

Center: IE Center for Diversity

The comparison of the active and employed population aged 55 and over in Spain yielded unfavorable balances in relation to other EU territories. The objective of this study is to find out what is being done in other countries with respect to this segment of the working population.

European Tech Insights 2020

Unveiling the technological future that citizens want and their concerns in a changing world

Authors: Carlos Lastra-Anadón, Diego Rubio
Center: IE Center for the Governance of Change

This study is the result of the collaboration with the Global Corporation Center and Egon Zehnder. Its purpose is to help defining the functions and responsibilities of the coordinating director.

Learning and Leadership Development

Author: IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation

Center: IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation

The IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation has reached out to over 60 Chief Learning Officer’s and L&D Leaders globally to learn about important initiatives and best practices in order to conduct this survey report.

Las uniones temporales de empresas y la defensa de la competencia

Author: Julio Gómez-Pomar

Center: IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management

The purpose of this study is to bring to light the controversy and to settle the disputes arising from the TBA economic sense and the current Spanish competitive environment.

Sovereign Wealth Funds 2019

Managing continuity, embracing change

Authors: Javier Capapé, Patrick J. Schena, Paul Rose, Diego López

Center: IE Center for the Governance of Change

This report takes a close look at the greater participation of SWF in the most disruptive technologies, and also analyzes one of the most promising and novel aspects of the activity of these funds.

Decoding Customer Centricity

Authors: María Eizaguirre, María Alvarado

Center: IE Center for C-Centricity

This study is an attempt to decode what Customer Centricity actually is and whether it is the same as the commitment by companies to consider customers as central to their business model.

Crypto-currencies and the future of money

Executive Report

Author: IE Center for the Governance of Change

Center: IE Center for the Governance of Change

The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of how crypto-currencies could be used to achieve this purpose.

El consejero coordinador

Authors: Juan Riva de Aldama, Miguel Ferre, Lourdes Centeno, Pablo Sagnier
Center: Global Corporation Center

This study is the result of the collaboration with the Global Corporation Center and Egon Zehnder. Its purpose is to help defining the functions and responsibilities of the coordinating director.

Chinese versus European entrepreneurship

Chinese versus European entrepreneurship

Authors: José Félix Valdivieso, Bin Ma, Pedro Gete, Rafael Bueno, Nacho Mateo
Center: IE China Center

Comparison report of Chinese and European entrepreneurs that studies how, despite their very different historical, cultural and political contexts, they are more similar than they are different.

La innodiversidad en el tejido empresarial español 2019

Authors: Celia de Anca, Salvador Aragón

Center: IE Center for Diversity

The COVID-19 pandemic has required the creation of crisis management teams in companies, institutions and governments. This study has confirmed that the most diverse a team is; the best results it achieves. Companies that manage jointly diversity and innovation are more competitive.

La diversidad LGTB en el contexto laboral en España

Author: Óscar Muñoz

Center: IE Center for Diversity

Spain is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced countries in terms of the legislation and the rights protection policies for the people with diverse sexual orientation or identity. However, studies prove that, sometimes, the sociocultural reality goes slower than the laws.

Digital transformation for inclusive business development project

Impact evaluation and knowledge sharing report

Authors: Concepción Galdón, Aloña Martiarena, Laura Hernández

Center: IE Foundation

This project is aimed at designing, developing and testing a methodology to promote technology adoption among small business owners.

The social impact of business families in Latin America

Authors: Cristina Cruz, Rachida Justo, Laura Jiménez, Jeanne Roche

Center: IE Business School

The first objective of this White Paper is to enhance the contribution of business families on the generation of social impact in Latin America.

Loyalty barometer 2018


Author: Dilney Gonçalves

Center: IE Cátedra de Fidelización

This study unique in Spain allow us to understand the importance that companies place in acquisition and retention, whether and how this importance translates to investment, and what are the means companies use to achieve each goal.

The impact of social responsability actions on employer and consumer branding

Authors: Marco Giarratana, Martina Pasquini

Center: IE Foundation

The core part of this project was a scenario-based survey with more than 1,000 respondents. The main results show that actions that are geographically near to the respondent and to the core business of the company generate positive influence on all the core variables.

Estrategia y gestión internacional de marca

Factores clave para gestionar con éxito la marca a nivel internacional: casos prácticos de empresas con sede en España

Author: Luis Rodríguez-Baptista
Center: IE Foundation

The main purpose of this report is to share the lessons learned by successful companies on international branding management.

Los trabajadores seniors en la empresa española

Realidades y retos

Authors: Daniel Reher, Miguel Requena, Rafael Puyol, Beatriz Ardid, Elena Orden, María Padilla

Center: IE Center for Diversity

This report analyzes the issue of the demographic ageing in the workplace in Spain. The study shows that the importance of the senior workers will grow in the next years, which will result in a longer working life for many.

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