Loyalty barometer 2018

Written in English


Dilney Gonçalves

Date published

IE Cátedra de Fidelización

In order to understand how loyalty is perceived from the firms’ point of view, the Travel Club Loyalty Chair has developed the first Loyalty Barometer. The field research activities included an extensive survey where we investigated the opinions of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Marketing Vicepresidents (VP), Marketing Directors, and Marketing Managers from a variety of industries in Spain and asked them about three big areas: questions about how their company allocates the marketing budget, about the trends for the coming year and whether their company has a loyalty program.

As a result of this study unique in Spain, the data allow us to understand the (perceived) importance companies place in acquisition and retention, whether and how this importance translates to investment, and what are the means companies use to achieve each goal.

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