Perfiles de filantropía personal en España

Written in Spanish


Cristina Cruz, Rachida Justo

Date published
September 2020

IE Center for Families in Business

This report aims to bring the figure of the philanthropist closer to the general public and to place value on their efforts. In order to do this, the authors have conducted individual interviews to a number of philanthropists, members of the management team of some foundations promoted by individual philanthropists and several philanthropy experts. This qualitative analysis allowed the authors identify three philanthropist profiles in Spain:

  • Emotional: Moved by the “why”, they stablish an emotional link with their project.
  • Generational: Moved by the preservation of the legacy, they look for the coherence between the philanthropic and the business projects.
  • Strategic: Moved by the “how”, they focus on the efficiency of the project.

The study also includes the philanthropic reaction during the COVID-19 crisis.

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