The social impact of business families in Latin America

Written in English


Cristina Cruz, Rachida Justo, Laura Jiménez, Jeanne Roche

Date published

IE Business School

Latin American countries have a long tradition of charitable and voluntary activities, in which the Church and international cooperation agencies have played a significant role, due to the considerable inequalities existing in this region and the lack of a tradition of welfare state. Over recent decades, however, more resources invested in the generation of social impact in Latin America have come from the business world, with business families serving as essential participants in the philanthropic scene. Despite this importance, the nature of the business families means that they are often low profile, anonymous philanthropists. Therefore, the first objective of this White Paper is to enhance the contribution of business families on the generation of social impact in the region.

Other objectives are to analyze the distinctive features of family philanthropy in the region and to analyze the extent to which the philanthropy of Latin business families follows this global trend and if so, what characterizes this “new family philanthropy” in Latin America.

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