Decoding Customer Centricity

Written in English


María Eizaguirre, María Alvarado

Date published
February 2020

IE Center for C-Centricity

The knowledge that consumers are more empowered than ever because of their ability to quickly access information about products and services over the internet in real time has resulted in not only significant changes in the market place, but in an overarching imperative to ensure business growth by focusing on those with both the knowledge and the purchasing power: consumers and customers. This has been known as the Age of the Customer. Efforts have since focused on “putting customers first” of making “customers king”, and on how best to leverage technology to take full advantage of this new customer reality.

Consultants have more recently started to measure the positive consequences of working with C-Centricity for both the top and the bottom line.

It is the ambiguity and the relationship between the words “Customer Centricity” and “put customers first” that has formed the focus of research for the IE Center for C-Centricity, in an attempt to decode what Customer Centricity actually is and whether it is the same as the commitment by companies to consider customers as central to their business model.

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