Los trabajadores seniors en la empresa española

Written in Spanish


Daniel Reher, Miguel Requena, Rafael Puyol, Beatriz Ardid, Elena Orden, María Padilla

Date published
June 2018

IE Center for Diversity

The demographic ageing is one of the most relevant facts of the current and future situation of the global population. This is becoming a global phenomenon, but it affects the most to the advanced societies due to the strong birth-rate drop and to the increased longevity. Although this is an obvious reality, the Spanish companies have not taken it into consideration yet. There are very little measures and strategies to suit this situation.

This report addresses two different aspects within Spain. First, it analyzes the issue historically, since the beginning of the century until 2017. Secondly, it focuses on the situation from 2017 onwards, analyzing the present and the recent past.

The study shows that the importance of the senior workers will grow in the next years, which will result in a longer working life for many.

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