La diversidad LGTB en el contexto laboral en España

Written in Spanish


Óscar Muñoz

Date published
May 2019

IE Center for Diversity

Spain is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced countries in terms of the legislation and the rights protection policies for the people with diverse sexual orientation or identity. There is a generalized opinion that the Spanish society is open and tolerant, confirmed by EU data that show that only a 6% of the population doubts about the equal rights for the LGBT community in our country.

However, studies and documented situations prove that, sometimes, the sociocultural reality goes slower than the laws. For many, there still are in our society discriminating experiences due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. There is still some hostility against the LGBT community in ideas, emotions, stereotypes, attitudes and non-inclusive expressions that, many times, are unconscious. This is why sometimes, when a LGBT person starts a new job, they experience the specific difficulties concerning the new context and the added difficulties linked to the social bias and to their own personal experience.

This analysis is based on the answer of 812 LGBT Spanish people and wants to show the discrimination experiences that they could be suffering and the opportunities for action for their companies.

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