Radiografía de la Cultura de Compliance Sostenible en las Pymes Españolas

Written in English


Marie-José Garot, Joaquín Garralda Ruiz de Velasco, Katharina Milles and Antti Teniälä

Date published
June 2021

IE-Elecnor Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures

The influential book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach, by Professor R.Edward Freeman, published in 1984, started a trend that in recent years has had an important development, as evidenced by the commitment made in August 2019 by the main companies in the United States with the purpose of taking into account their legitimate stakeholders and not only the interest of shareholders. This is one of the many pieces of evidence that the company’s relations with its social environment have ceased to be strictly commercial or contractual and have become more integrated in society and its development.

The purpose of this study is to know the penetration of these values in the SME through the analysis of the dynamic factors —the so-called drivers— that can explain the development of a C&S culture in the Spanish SME. This study goes beyond other reports that have so far only measured the existence of C&S instruments, not the determinants of a culture in these areas.

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