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Andy Stalman

"Good branding makes the business strategy visible. To do it convincingly, appropriately and measurably, it is needed to generate loyalty to the brand"

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Andy Stalman is one of the best Branding experts in the world. He has over 25 years of experience in this field and he has developed projects in all five continents. His talent and charisma, added to his work and influence, have made him be recognized around the world as “Mr. Branding”.

His books have become real bestsellers. BrandOffOn has been described as one of the most influential books in the 21st century, and HumanOffOn, as one of the essential books to understand the present and future of the digital society. He has also written more than 200 articles about branding, marketing, and digital and cultural transformation.

He is an associate professor in renowned universities and business schools, and director of the BrandOffOn Masters. Regular speaker in conferences and events around the world, he has been recognized as one of the best 100 Spanish speakers by Thinking Heads, and has been rewarded with the “Propósito” award at the Honest Awards and with the Academic Excellence Award and “Branding Giant” by IE University. He is also a founding partner and CEO of TOTEM Branding, one of the most renowned branding companies in the world.

The trust in the brand is linked to its purpose. Brands may not need a purpose as high as saving humanity, but they need to prove and communicate a reason for being.


In the past, a totem was a natural or artificial object that the mythologies of some cultures or societies would take as an iconic symbol of the tribe or of the social group. Now, due to the new ways to do business and get in touch with the world, many companies have become true TOTEMS of our society, where concepts as leadership, values, culture, talent, purpose, diversity, ethics, sustainability, or compromise are becoming even more essential.

In this book, through this ancient figure of totem, Andy Stalman defines a new conception of Branding, analyzing how the most successful companies and organizations in the world have built and developed.

Brands like Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, or even personalities as Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg or Cristiano Ronaldo, have become icons with an unparalleled influence. Concepts like “branding” or “soul” can seem abstract, but when we analyze the reasons why a customer chooses a brand, the meaning of these concepts become tangible.

In the middle of the last century, it began to be clear that, eventually, the emotional value would create a true competitive advantage against the functional equality.


We can discern the “future of the future”. We are living an unprecedented era of changes that is transforming our environment and our companies and brands. In this new stage, products cannot be limited to fulfill its role of creation of value, they also have to interact with the public, connecting with it and collaborating to build a fairer society.

This book provides a number of reflections about branding to promote and optimize the relationship with the client and its communities. The author explains how these tendencies would be and the needs of the customers and brands in an online world for a richer and better communication.

Internet and the social networks are the cornerstone of the revolution. The new tools generated by the digital era will be essential to achieve the main purpose: to create loyal communities to the brand and to generate emotion. In this new reality, BrandOffOn takes on real meaning (branding offline + online).

For most brands, connecting emotionally is one of the essential functional tasks. The connection with technology is overrated: it is important and significant, but it is also just a part of a bigger universe of tools. In a hundred years, everything will be different except for one thing: human emotions.

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