Guillermo de Haro

"Businesses are people, everything begins and ends in the people"

Since the very begining of his profesional career Guillermo de Haro has taught as well as worked in the corporate world. While growing in those two apparently opposite worlds he developed a multidisciplinary career, mainly in the areas of information systems, strategy and entrepreneurship, but also with experiences in operations, human resources or sales.

He writes books, articles in general and specialized press, always combining the academic rigor with examples and methodologies that everybody can understand.

Technology and information systems have a great impact in all areas of life and business

Javier G. Recuenco is an applied Personetics and Complex Problem Solving Expert. Founder of Singular Targeting, a «new trade that assumes complexity as a source of value,» (, and President of Mensa Spain.

Author of the first published book in the matter «Personalization» (2004) and the newly pubished «El pequeño libro de la filosofí estoica» (2022)

The future of a country depends on its talent management


Stoicism is a philosophical school of Ancient Greece based on the principles of reason and virtue as the only path to liberation from the chains that bind us to material comforts and external fortune. Although more than two thousand years have passed since its birth, its importance and usefulness continue to this day. In El pequeño libro de la filosofía estoica, Guillermo de Haro y Javier Recuenco apply Stoic philosophy to the problems of the contemporary world to help readers achieve a fuller, more conscious and happier life.

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