Manuel Bermejo

"Today, the commitment to the environment and to sustainable and inclusive development is inexcusable"

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Manuel Bermejo’s link with the family business comes from three different ways: first, genetically, because he is son and grandson of successful businessmen; second, his link with the academic world as professor at IE University since 1992; and third, his work as a family business consultant.

Dr. Bermejo has act as consultant to many family businesses and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of entrepreneurship and family business. According to the Family Business Influencers Global Power List, Bermejo has been distinguished as the 3rd most influential expert in family business social media in the world and as the 1st one in Spanish language. Currently, he also is the president of the Family Advisory Board and sponsor of the Asti Foundation, supporting his wife’s work, Verónica Pascual, CEO and owner of Asti Mobile Robotics.

He confesses he likes going to work with a joyful and constructive spirit, inspired by something his father told him when he was a child: “Manuel, sorrow is not for sharing, because you won’t go anywhere alone and with half a sorrow.” His liberal nature makes him feel less and less concerned about what is politically correct and makes him enjoy more any hobby which moves him away from the pensée unique. He also is passionate about sports, about travelling and a fan of the crime novels.


The business family
Written in Spanish

Through the 21 chapters of this book, Manuel Bermejo shares with the business families 21 advices to work with the purpose of making easier the handover of their legacy to the next generation. The book is full of examples and practical cases that the author has experienced in his long career as a family business consultant. They will help the reader to implement the advices with success making their company prosperous through generations.

Successful family businesses work increasingly with a bigger purpose than the simple day to day operations. Defining a purpose means working with deep and long-term objectives that go beyond the profitability and the short-term of the shareholder. Today, the commitment to the environment and to sustainable and inclusive development is inexcusable.

Gobernando la empresa familiar

Managing the family business
Written in Spanish

This books presents, from a holistic perspective, a model for family businesses to manage efficiently their main objectives, such as the family cohesion and the business steady and profitable growth.

Having a family business that transcends to future generations demands dealing with important but apparently not urgent issues that build a strategic agenda: management of the family expectations, values, succession, legacy, reputation, talent, transformation… This strategic agenda is defined, managed and controlled from the management team. This is why a good government makes the difference.

Gente emprendedora, gente de calidad

Entrepreneurial people, quality people
Written in Spanish

We are living a true entrepreneurial revolution. Keeping that entrepreneurial spirit is vital for any business that seeks to be profitable, sustainable and expandable.

This book has been written to defend and value the entrepreneur people, the quality people.

Whatever is the first thing you read in this book, it will be an unequivocal statement. Entrepreneur people is the people with the best quality you will find in this world. They help creating jobs, which currently is rare, reason why it is also valuable. They help generating wealth with their activity. They also help financing the Welfare State of which we benefit from and are so proud of. They help innovation. They help economy growing. They help building a world with more opportunities, therefore a better and freer world.

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