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Arancha has given advice to hundreds, even thousands of professionals, formally and informally. She has given countless advices to people that turned to her looking for guidance to create and to take advantage of their best professional opportunities.

She is now an IE master associate director, reason why she has countless meetings with students and work groups to activate their motivation and to improve their capabilities. She had a similar position at the Admissions and Marketing department which was, without knowing it, the origin of her current activity as talent and personal branding consultor.

Once, an artist told me: ‘To me, enclosing something in a drawing is saving it from the impact of time. It’s not that I want to last myself, I want the looking to last, the moment.’ I felt that his words served to explain my purpose to write Ahora o Nunca: making these extraordinary acts of the many people I have met and the learning that resulted from them last in time.”

Ahora o Nunca

Now or Never
Written in Spanish

Talent is action. Without action, there is no talent, just a promise of talent. What limits action? There are 5 brakes that you will discover through the chapters of the book. 5 brakes that, when defeated, turn into the 5 keys to success that transform apparently common people into heroes.

Ahora o Nunca explains the way of this discovery. It includes its own learning process and transfers to the reader ideas such as that success comes from two factors: creating quality opportunities and knowing how to make the most of them; that inertia is the talent worst enemy, people are heroes able to defeat the adversity of the ordinary through the strategies described in the book.

It has been an intense process. For months, I have fallen prey to the brakes and the fears that I described in the book, like a medicine student that feels in their own flesh the symptoms of the disease they are analyzing. I have felt insecure, lost, disperse, isolated and doubtful. However, just like the heroes I describe, I defeated them because it was worth it. It was my moment.

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