Francisco Palao

"We all change the world with our daily actions, so we have to be aware of that and drive every action into a positive change in the world"

Francisco Palao is a renowned entrepreneur, mentor and author whose main goal is to empower people and organizations to make a positive impact in their business and the world.

Palao is the founder of Purpose Alliance and the creator of Purpose Launchpad, a working framework focused on guiding entrepreneurs and organizations to innovate properly and reach an improved mindset.

Additionally, Palao is an IE MBA Alumnus and Artificial Intelligence Doctor from the University of Granada.

People who are most successful are not only thinking about innovation and money, they are thinking about making a positive impact and that is creating a better world.

Positive Impact: The Purpose Launchpad mindset and the framework to improve your startup, your organization, and the world

(English version)

Impacto positivo: La mentalidad y el framework Purpose Launchpad para mejorar tu start-up, tu organización y el mundo

(Spanish version)


Humanity’s current challenges are also huge business opportunities. To leverage them, we have more technology and knowledge at our disposal than ever before in the history of mankind. However, the key that distinguishes individuals and organizations with successful projects is their mindset—the way they view the world, face challenges, and overcome them.

This is precisely the point this book addresses: the mindset we need, whether in a startup or a large organization, to successfully implement our business projects and have a positive impact on the world. The book shares with readers many success stories and a novel and increasingly recognized framework called Purpose Launchpad, which integrates, organizes, and optimizes existing innovation methodologies and takes them one step further. Innovation alone is no longer enough because we have entered a new era: the era of positive impact.

This book and its author, Francisco Palao, will accompany you through your mindset’s evolution so you can improve your projects… and the world!

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